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UPDATE: Because of the Covid-19 situation there won't be any workshops for now!

You own a reflex- or systemcamera with complex manual settings, but dont feel quite comfortable using it yet ? Maybe you even bought it and now you are not satisfyed with the  pictures you are getting out of it. All the buttons are so overwhelming, you are still just using the automatic settings anyways ? Online courses also didn't seem to bring the expected improvements?

Dont give up, because I have the solution! ;)

In a very personal athmosphere of groups of max 6 people you will learn everything you need to know about the work with your camera, starting from basics like aperture settings and shutter speed. I can also give you advice on what you should look for,  when getting a new camera or lens.
After we are done with theory and basics, the learned skills will be applyed by taking some pictures and talking about them as well as answering questions that might have been left unanswered.
Once  the workshop is over every participant will receive a handout with all the gained knowledge and if you wish so we will create a facebook group, so everyone can stay in touch afterwards.
If you are interested send a mail to or use the contact form.

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