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If you are interested in such a special shoot, please contact me and I will do an individual offer. 

Breeder offers

I'am perfectly prepared to take pictures of your breed for your homepage, social media or litter announcement. I can speak from my own experience when I say, it has been approved for breeders to accompany the breed (parents and puppys), with portaits and other beautiful pictures. Not just for advertising porpuses or for yourself. These will also make amazing little gifts to give to the future owners of the little ones, so they even have some of the amazing moments captured before the puppys joined their new home.

Event support

This is particularly interresting for keen participants of dog and horse sports events. Especially under competition circumstances it can be very hard to capture the moment with your beloved animal. But with my great amount of experience on those kinds of events, it will be no problem to round up your day with some amazing pictures.

Specials for Kids

You want me to accompany you and your little ones on a very special day ? No matter if school enrollment, birthday or maybe a sports competetion, I will capture your little ones favourite moments on any occasion. Just like in standart shootings my main objective is to keep it natural and candid. If you are interested just get in touch with me and we will work out the best way to get you wonderful pictures of your special occasion.

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