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I really enjoy trying out new things and techniques. If you are interested, we can create a very indivdual project together. There are no set prices for these kind of projects but if you are interested in getting creative with me just contact me and we can work out the perfect package for you.


For example what about this format : "Living in a Box". No matter if dog, people, together or alone, the box shooting always comes with suprising results.


Maybe you already have alot of nice pictures and would like to have them edited and put together in a beatiful collage. We can get together and find a way to make your collage excatly what you want it to be.


Interested in a creative present for your loved ones ? Just get in touch with me and we will work out an indivdual shoot with alot of fun in the process guaranteed.


Giraffe, elefant, lion, tiger and more are you childrens favourite animals and you want to surprise them with an amazing picture for there room ? Maybe your daughter would like to see herself in a fairy tale world, or your son wants to ride a dragon? The eyes when they see the pictures will be worth a new photo. ;) 


On request I can also edit your favourite pictures of your loved ones to make them even more special. ;)

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