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The face behind "justMOMENTS - Photography"

"Die Fotografin für natürliche und authentische Bilder im Bereich Tierfotografie und Kinderfotografie im Großraum Magdeburg"

  • You are looking for professional and affordable pictures ?

  • You are afraid the pictures of your "model" may not turn out as beautiful as the ones on those websites because they haven't really been infront of a camera ?

  • You think you could emberass yourself because the shooting may not run "perfectly" ?

  • In your imagination pictures should be taken in a natural enviroment to turn out authentic ?

  • Friendly and personal contact is important for you ?

Well then you to exactly the right place !


I'am Melanie,
photographer, animal lover and chaos-family-Manager with all my heart.
I live in Magdeburg with my husband, my older son, our little tripplets aswell as 3 dogs. Beside my family and pets my passion is photography. I love to capture special moments in very natural pictures, which is the reason why I can be found taking photos outside in all seasons. Or as I like to call it : " I`am creating memorys".
Lets capture your favourite moments together!
Just contact me and we will set a date for your shoot.


Melanie Conradts

Tel: 0170 9887602


39118 Magdeburg


Vielen Dank!

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