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On this page you will find the information about the classic shooting in gerneral and the details you will need to know for the shoot with your dog, horse or little ones in particular.

Information for breeders, litter-shootings, birthday partys or other special shootings can be found HERE. If your questions still couldn't be answered feel free to contact me. I am happy you are interested in my work and will make you an individual offer for your occasion.

General Information
  • After we got in contact I will get back to you, so we cant talk about your wishes and how I can make the shoot exactly what you imagined it to be, and of course we will set a date that fits both of our schedules

  • If required (e.g for very shy animals or children or if you just want to get to know me in personal ) we can also set a date for a meetup before the actual shooting

  • After your "special Day" as I like to call it, I will send you a preselection of the best pictures and you can decide which ones will be your final choice

  • When you are finished picking your favourites I will professionally edit them to make your captured moment even more beautiful

  • You have to pay 50% of the shooting price in advance (can also be payed cash at the shooting). The rest is payed after you picked your favourite pictures.

  • Shootings usually take place outside beside a few exceptions.

  • For breeding specific pictures I can bring a small mobil studio to your location of choice, find more infromation about this under specials

  • I dont need trained dogs for the shoot, dont be afraid just because your dog may not be able to pose for pictures without a leech. We will adjust the shoot for all conditions and you should always keep in mind I will edit the pictures afterwards.

  • The only things you need to bring is some good mood, patience and  toys/treats to motivate your dog

  • Shootings usually take place close to the horses native barn, so maybe you already have ideas for nice locations not to far from you. If not, I can always help you find a suitable location in advance. Beautiful portraits can also just be taken on the homely barn, infront of a gate or other well rounded backgrounds.

  • Idealy you have a petite snaffle or collar for your horse.

  • As always you should bring good mood and some patience as well as treats and maybe some gear to keep the horse clean throughout the whole shoot.

  • For free running pictures we will usually need a third person to assist with handling the horse

  • For the most naturaly beautiful pictures I recommend planning a little trip the child will enjoy (e.g to a lake or maybe just to the zoo) I will always find oppotunitys to take pictures as your silent accompaniment.

  • You can decide what outfits our personal accessoires you want to bring, and of course I can always help you with some advice about what could make some extra authentic pictures. Maybe a bike, sledge, scooter or some dolls will make your little ones eyes shine even more.

  • Pictures will only be published with your permission, which ofcourse can also be revoked at any time.

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